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Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Predictions

*Possible Spoiler Alert*

Because I am bored, I am going to put my Walking Dead finale predictions up. Not really predictions, but more of a debate with myself. With new characters showing up , that usually mean they have to clean up some payroll, so here we go. Keep in mind I have not read all of the comics yet so a lot of this is just spit-balling.

First. Who dies? It wouldn’t be the Walking Dead without it. Past has dictated that if you have a smaller role and you have episodes paying more attention to you than normal, then a few episodes later you tend to kick the bucket (i.e. Hershel) It feels weird to say minor character as that no character is really minor in the grand scheme of things.

Sorry Bob and/or Sasha, the “Claimed” gang (or at least some of them). You could be on the chopping block.

Carol- Lets face it. She lasted way longer than most of us expected. She has had the ups and downs and this season showing off her resolution to do what is necessary, like offing young sociopaths, she may have hit the end. Then again a weird love triangle with her, Darryl and Beth would be interesting.

Rosita- As of right now you haven’t done much for me to like you or hate you so I am kind of on the fence with you.

Darryl- What? Yeah, I went there. Hey, he’s the one that likes napping in coffins. Could have been foreshadowing. Probably won’t happen since people would riot and cherubs circling around women’s heads when he comes on screen would spontaneously combust when he croaked.

Glen/Maggie- That would be such a dick move for them to have met up again just to kill one of them.

Beth- No. Who else would sing to them at night? Michonne- Don’t count on it.Carl-Nope. Tyreese-Probably not. Judith-since two kids were just killed, probably not. Abraham-Nope. Eugene-No (Love a scientist with a mullet).

Rick- Possibly. Let me explain. This actor cannot be cheap to keep around anymore and the one thing they strive to do is to shock the audience and since most of Darabont’s original cast is almost gone it may happen assuming there is a internal conspiracy that some believe is going on at AMC. Otherwise, Carl has a parental figure in Michonne now and he is fully capable of surviving in a group without Rick. “But who would take care of Judith?” Um. Carl, Beth, Michonne…all of them.

It probably wont happen, but you never know. The Talking Dead has a knack for bringing on guests that will die or is deeply involved in the episode in some way and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Robert Kirkman are both guests…just saying.

Lastly…What is Terminus? Well. If I were writing this show in some way, I would say it’s a cult or a place used to trick people in becoming dinner for a group of cannibals.

What do you think?

Why ‘True Detective’ Director Maybe a King Fan’s Best Choice

Originally posted on Nerd Knowledge:
Just like a good portion of the world, I was hooked on HBO’s ‘True Detective’ for the last two months. The acting from both McConaughey and Harrelson were top notch and while I feel that it would be a crime if these two did not get nominated for actor awards…

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Why ‘True Detective’ Director Maybe a King Fan’s Best Choice

Just like a good portion of the world, I was hooked on HBO’s ‘True Detective’ for the last two months. The acting from both McConaughey and Harrelson were top notch and while I feel that it would be a crime if these two did not get nominated for actor awards it would be an even bigger crime if the director, Cary Fukunaga did not win.

While the story was so engrossing, I was personally more involved with the look of the show. It almost seemed like all the areas were tragically beautiful. What I mean by that is in the Louisiana towns and marshes, there was always something nice to look at, but then something disgusting or ugly polluted the scenery like a set of trailers or even the people around it. It presented this homage of a place that was once great until the ugliness of man got its grasp on it.

I digress, I am one to notice things like that, but whether you put a finger on it or not, its still there and you sucked you in regardless.

Around the time this series started to advertise on HBO, I had read that Stephen King’s ‘IT” was being made into two feature films with Fukunaga to direct. Just like a lot of people, I didn’t know who he was or what he had done. Then when the beginning credits rolled with the very depressingly beautiful music by T Bone Burnett, the name looked familiar and I quickly associated it with ‘IT’. I watched it giving it the benefit of the doubt. “Who is good enough to put Pennywise back on the screen?” I thought.

Throughout the series, I definitely acknowledged the talent on and off the screen, but it wasn’t until the last episode when the chasse sequence began with the Rust Cohle character and the shot of the monster/murderer in the background before he ran was very reminiscent of how I thought Pennywise would stalk its prey; in the background, very still and disturbing. Then when they got into the tunnels, the overgrowth, the kids clothes lying in a pile and the darkness culminated and I was on the edge of my seat as the murderers voice echoed through the tunnels  trying to get into Rust’s head.

Everything about that sequence screamed ‘IT’ in my head and as a fan of the television mini series that sparked my fear of clowns and was the only movie that scared me as a child, I immediately thought that Fukunaga was a great choice. I am jealous because I want to direct something and I always had a vision of ‘IT’ in my mind, but if anyone can pull it off it is him.

Oh. Mr. Fukanaga…can I suggest Hugo Weaving as Pennywise?

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

South park

South Park as a game franchise has been less than stellar to say the least. When the show first started seeing the success we saw the original game come to the Nintendo 64 in 1998 and then ported to the PlayStation platforms a year later after and while the developers did their best, I’m assuming, it was nothing more than catchphrases from the show at the time and didn’t amount to much; that was 17 years ago. I’m old, I know.

Finally it was announced that THQ, at the time announced, were making a new game with the help of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators and then the pheasants rejoiced. Unfortunately there was a time when we didn’t know the fate of the game when THQ sold off all their properties to other developers and after months of speculating on a release date, we finally got one courtesy of Ubisoft and that day finally came on March 4th, 2014.

I got it. I played it. It’s awesome!

When I say I played it, I meant to say that I played it twice because I was determined to Platinum the game on my PS3. I didn’t by the way. In spite of that, the game itself has so much content to be discovered and an option in the middle of the story that affects a particular boss fight, I had to see what happened; not much but it was still entertaining regardless.

As far as South Park goes, the writing was at the same level that one would except from Parker and Stone to the point where it was a little uncomfortable for me to play and get achievements or trophies for (the ‘Pervert’ trophy made me feel dirty). This is a good thing because it wouldn’t be South Park without ruffling some feathers. To me, this was the equivalent of watching about half a season of the show and it made me a little sad when it ended.

This game is an open world RPG essentially where you, the new kid, and the other kids of the town are larping over a ”magical stick”, and in typical South Park fashion, it escalates to circumstances that can only happen in the “quiet mountain town”. You can go where you want and pick your fights when you want them to happen, gain experience, equip weapons and summon. There is nothing about this game that was not amusing to me. In fact, most of the fun comes from meeting all the people and getting them to friend you on Facebook as well as doing side quests for them that can lead to better loot and summons.

This is arguably, the best South Park game…period, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its faults. One of which is the length. When I think of RPG, I tend to think 18-20 hours, but at the same time it’s a South Park game and not a Final Fantasy or Persona game, and it lasts about 12-15 hours depending how you play. Take what you will out of that, but I did play it twice after all. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I just wanted a little more with all its satire towards RPG’s and the ESRB amongst other things.

I read some reviews that told of its lagging issues, and for my copy on the PS3 it did a little, but not enough for me to get fed up. I only really noticed it when I was running from screen to screen in the game. There are some flaws but it shouldn’t keep you from playing it.

The one thing that did rub me the wrong way was the upgrading of your equipment. The weapons and armor have slots that allows you to out in these upgrades to them; additional power points (PP…hehe), bonus hits, and extra money when you collect. The problem is that I never knew that until around the end of the game. The game explains how to use your weapons in battle but never gives you short tutorial like most RPG’s do. It’s not hard to figure out; it just would have been nice to know before hand.

Speaking of money, the currency system was the most frustrating for me as I was trying to gain everything possible and it was not enough, especially when you are collecting 15-70 cents at a time from random enemies, and parking meters along the way. It was maddening and I can’t condone playing a game after its initial walkthrough just to collect short amounts of change to buy items that are $25 apiece.

By the way…make sure you are looking through every nook and cranny in this game, especially if you are a trophy/achievement whore, because you will miss something and then when you realize what it is you will kick yourself later. Make sure you friend Clyde when you meet him…trust me.

Overall, South Park: The Stick of Truth is a great game and is my game of the year…so far. This is saying a lot since I wasn’t sure what I was getting into after a couple of years of waiting. It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it will entertain you in its entirety, and isn’t that why we play games for?


Today a Ghostbuster Has Left Us

It’s been a bad day. It has been a bad day for a lot of people. There are only a few things I have ever held onto in my life; my family, my daughter, my love of the arts, and my favorite childhood icon…the Ghostbusters. I feel so dumb and juvenile as I can’t shake the fact that for the first time ever…
A Ghostbuster passed away today.

Through anyone’s life time, we have friends come and go, family leaving us and I am not stating that this loss is harder; it is harder on the Ramis family to be sure and my heart goes out to them and anyone else this actor has worked with over the years and my sadness is nothing in the grand scheme of things, I know…but it doesn’t make it any easier for me.

I am so stupid. Why does something like a movie from the 80’s, my childhood, stick with us for so long? If I had to argue it, it is because I think the film is flawless and has stood the test of time. When I was a child, it was the proton packs and the special effects used that made it so cool, when I was a teenager it was the dry humor and the quick wittedness of everyone involved, and when I became an adult and started working in business, I appreciated the business aspect of the movie.

As I have gotten older, I found it hard to watch your parents; grandparents and even siblings and cousins get old. You know in the back of your mind that everyone goes away to whatever place you choose to believe in, but it never occurs to you the things people do in their life that affects you personally.

I never met Harold Ramis and I am not going to go into his career as a comedian, writer and director; we all know it by now from all the publications today.

I saw ‘Ghostbusters’ in 1985. I was six years old and movie was out on VHS and my parents allowed me to watch it. Then, a while later, the cartoon premiered and I dragged my happy behind out of bed in our home in Norton, Ohio and slid down the railing like the Ghostbusters slid down the fire pole when they had a job to go to. It was a ritual for years and it didn’t stop my obsession. Then there was the toys, oh man, the toys! I had all the Ghostbusters; Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon; riding in the hard plastic Ecto-1 busting out the Firehouse/Headquarters red doors and finding a ghost somewhere in my room. Those were the days, and then the toys were gone. They were donated because I stopped playing with them…I grew up, but that never stopped my love for the franchise as I went to see the sequel and even stuck around when they came out with Extreme Ghostbusters.

Loving this franchise was…is part of me. There will never be a day that goes by where there won’t be something ‘Ghostbuster’ related in my home. Even now, my family asks, “What is it about that movie?” and my response is always, “What isn’t there?”
Through all the movies and cartoons, I never fathomed that there would be a day that a Ghostbuster could die, and today it happened…and I am having a rough time with it as a lot of other people.

The fact is that there may have not been a ‘Ghostbusters’ the way we know it without Harold Ramis…Egon Spengler, great director, great writer; however you choose to remember him and for those of us that love his movies, and there are many…I know there is…wherever you are now Mr. Ramis…

Just make sure you tell them about the Twinkie.


Scare the ‘Daylight” Out of People with Twitch in April

Scare the ‘Daylight” Out of People with Twitch in April

The PS4 and PC game, ‘Daylight’, will enable Twitch users to type in scare commands towards gamers streaming the survival horror game this April.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is Finally Finished

South Park: The Stick of Truth is Finally Finished

In my humble opinion, this may be the South Park game fans have been waiting for and with the last few episodes of the past season being one big ad for this game in its own clever way, I may have to drop $60…or trade in games, of get it for my birthday.

Ninja Turtles Finally Revealed?

NInja Turtles  Finally Revealed?

After that one image of a Michelangelo Halloween costume, I freaked. Now this new photo has surfaced and I feel a lot better. Not sure how I feel about my turtles with threads on, but its a vast improvement on what I thought it may be.


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